Buyers, we’re with you every step of the way

In our experience, a house is not just a house. It’s a home. A place to call your own; to share with friends and family, it’s where your family life, memories and love can begin. It’s your future and the opportunity it has to become more then just a dream. This is about more than real estate. It’s about you.

Why buy from Emerald City
Emerald city is a group of professional realtors that operate under the highest standards of ethics. We pride ourselves in providing a superior level of service. We work closely with our clients to ensure their satisfaction. Our agents will walk you through a series of question to pin-point your home criteria.

Here are some of the questions. You might want to familiarize your self with them to ensure satisfactory answers to making your dream a reality at Emerald City.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms are ideal? What lot size would you like? What size floor plan are you looking for? What sort of proximity to your work, schools, outdoor-space and entertainment venues are you looking for?