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Sell Your Home Fast! - Emerald City Home Sales
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Are you selling your home and just want to get the whole process over with, but unsure what to do when showing it to prospective buyers? Are you worried about making a first impression? Not sure what price you should be asking for? Here are some tips that may answer all of your questions and more.

  • Make your home stand out!
    You can improve your home’s exterior or interior appearance by adding some custom enhancements. Improved landscaping, roofing, or windows can add to your house’s aesthetics, and may even increase its value. Bathroom/kitchen renovations and even a fireplace should be helpful as well. Remember to use practical colors and designs that will appeal to everybody. If you have added any features that you think may include the house’s desirability, remember to mention them in your home’s listing information—you never know what will catch someone’s eye!
  • Clean up!
    Make sure your home is clean, uncluttered, and smelling nice. Hiding half of your closet’s contents may help, as that will give the appearance of wider storage space. Hiding some furniture to make your rooms look larger can help as well. Clean your walls well, and use baking soda to hide any unwanted smells or stains. Hiring a stager might help as well—a stager can arrange your house to make the most out of what space it has, and may even bring in rented furniture that will complement the interior.
  • Curb appeal!
    ‘Curb appeal’ is very important when selling your house—that refers to what your home looks like when one is standing from the curb. Never underestimate the power of a great first impression, so be sure to take care of your lawn and hedges, and even have a fresh coat of paint applied to the house if you have the time and finances for it.
  • Make sure it’s ready to move into!
    So your house looks gorgeous now, but how is everything working? Make sure those pipes, doors, and electrical fixtures are in tip-top shape for the new owners. Everyone wants to buy a home they can see themselves moving right into and feeling, well, at-home at; nobody wants a house they have to spend time and money on fixing up and taking care of before they can enjoy it.
  • Pricing
    Make sure that price is right! Read your local newspaper and check around online to see what similar homes are going for in your area. Typically, you’re going to want to look at houses with the same amount of rooms, bathrooms, and space for a pricing guide. Remember that any enhancements or additions you’ve made may increase the house’s value, though, so keep that in mind and you can sell your house for exactly what you deserve!